Winsper Slipper Blog

Winsper Slipper Blog

Going into work during the winter in Boston means more layers, the boots go on and the salt, sand and slush tag along for a “bring your puddles to work” day. At Winsper, we are fans of working shoeless, but the winter slop that gets brought into the office puts a halt to our daily ritual. Being the creative problem solvers that we are, we made an investment in our cozy office culture: slippers for all! Check out our slipper bios below:


slippers daphne
Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. That’s the noise you’ll hear as I make my way through the office in my s’mores slippers. They’re cute, comfy and functional! I can plug them into my laptop to keep my toesies nice and warm. Pair that with my space heater and I’m living the good life. 


slippers eric
These are the classic slip-on style with an added touch of flair—I designed iron on transfers with the Winsper logo to brand these babies. That way the building security knows where to return me when I eventually wander off…


slippers gillian
I have a weird relationship with shoes. I’m in either super high stilettos, barefoot or in bear claws. In the winter when my feet aren’t always “camera-ready,” I prefer to rock my bear claws around the office. They’re comfy and alpha in a National Geographic kinda way.


slippers iryna
Work days by go faster if you can get comfortable at your work place. My choice is baby lamb slippers and a good (or sometimes not so good) book on my lunch hour.

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