Winsper commits to employee health

Winsper commits to employee health

There are a lot of perks to working for a small agency: fewer lines in the sand allow you to explore different roles; you’ll likely own a project from start to finish; and most importantly, you develop a close working relationship with people outside of your department, making the office feel like a family. It is this last aspect that really helps define the culture here at Winsper. We care just as much about our work as we do each other.

Caring for our coworkers helps us build a strong team and the work benefits. Plus, we have an open office so for us to be as productive as possible we have to look out for each other’s health—a cold can make the office feel like a ghost town.

With the New Year here, we’re encouraging each other to meet our fitness goals. A good diet and exercise will help us be at the top of our professional game. This year, we’re going the extra mile to encourage the Winsper team to really commit to their fitness goals. Each month, we are challenging each other in a friendly competition of The Biggest Loser. To enter, each employee puts in a dollar amount at the beginning of the month. At the end of the month, whoever has lost the highest percentage of body fat as measured with a caliper, a tool that pinches your fat (we told you we’re close) will win the pot. PLUS, the company will match whatever was put in. How about that for motivation?!

If you like the sounds of this culture, drop us a line. You never know, with everyone slimming down there might be room for another in the New Year!

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