September: Continuing Education As An Employee Benefit

September: Continuing Education As An Employee Benefit

Ahh, Fall. The leaves will soon begin to change, Starbucks already has their Pumpkin Spice lattes back on the menu, and students of all ages all over the country are back in the classrooms. But for those of us who haven’t matriculated this semester, there’s still ample opportunity to learn new techniques and skills as we look to the last quarter of the year and the promise of 2017.

This edition of Winsperations is to provide all you marketers out there with some great advice on how and where to keep learning, long after that trusty LL Bean backpack has been retired.

The great Albert Einstein once said “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and stop only at death.” We all want our employees to be intellectually curious but how do we create workplace cultures that encourage and incentivize continuing education? In this blog post, Steven Jellinek examines this conundrum by looking at best-in-class brands like Starbucks and Twitter are tackling this very issue.



Members of the Winsper team recently had the pleasure of attending the C-Suite Network Conference in New York City. If you haven’t been to one of these events, it’s highly recommended not only for the fabulous networking and educational seminars but for the all-star rosters of non-fiction authors that attend and speak about their newest released books. If taking a class is too much of a time commitment, start with a new book from the C-Suite Book Club. We highly recommend the new one from Jim Koch, President of Samuel Adams.


Looking for something a little more titillating than reading a business book alone at night? Join our new book club. We’ll be meeting every couple of months to discuss topical issues, drink good beer, and maybe even talk about the book we read. Learn more about the new Winsper book club "The Marketers Book Club of Boston" and be sure to sign up in time for our 11/03 meeting.

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