Netflix & Binge – A Data-Driven Exposé of Our Guilty Pleasures

Netflix & Binge – A Data-Driven Exposé of Our Guilty Pleasures

Here’s a cool example of how a multi-disciplinary team from Netflix took data pertaining to the viewing of various popular TV series to create a fun “binge scale.” This exercise undoubtedly leveraged analysts, strategists, and an Art Director to turn analog viewing data into a colorful infographic. Find out what TV series are “savored” and which are “devoured” in true marathon, binge-watching style.

An Epicurean Celebration of Diversity

As a very culturally diverse office, we’re constantly sharing traditions, music, and food. And as you can imagine, it makes for a very educational (and delicious) work environment. Some of the more popular recent discoveries include Marketing Specialist, Iryna’s favorite Russian pop star, Vitas and Data Analyst Yue’s favorite Chinese sponge cake with fruit. In the spirit of international exploration, we bring you the one, the only, Anthony Bourdain. Check out his thoughts on how the world of digital media is influencing storytelling.

Data and Creativity – a One-Two Punch

Back to marketing. Sophisticated marketers know that data and creativity are the proverbial one-two punch of the 21st century. Data can help brands of all sizes punch above their weight class by informing and grounding strategic, business-level decisions. Find out how Netflix (we promise, they’re not sponsoring this e-blast) approaches data analysis to help inform purchase and programming decisions.


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