Here come the holidays. ‘Tis the season for giving and we’re dedicating this month to men’s health and helping to raise awareness through the Movember foundation. The holidays are also that magical time of the year when emotions run high and feelings are complex. There’s love, joy, nostalgia, anxiety, hope(lessness), and just plain exhaustion. Consumers and brands have their own rituals, both old and new. This month we examine a few and ask, “what’s this?”


Ahh, November 1st. To some, it is El Dia de los Muertos. To our friends in the US Virgin Islands, it’s Liberty Day. And to sixth Spice Girl (Pumpkin), it is the holiest of days - the day Starbucks unveils its red holiday cup. This year, however, SBUX surprised everyone with a green election-themed cup and the masses said “nay!” It seems every year there’s uproar about new holiday-themed cups and for good reason. If there is one thing to know about holiday rituals, it is that they are best left untouched. In this month’s Scientific American MIND, research was presented that consistent holiday rituals make the holidays better and merrier. So a note to families and brands everywhere: when it comes to traditions, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. CHECK OUT THE REACTIONS


Black Friday, one of the most polarizing traditions of the year, got a big shake up last year when outdoor retailer, REI, closed its doors and encouraged customers to go outside, instead of waiting in lines. The campaign was such a huge success (it won the top advertising award at Cannes) that REI decided to bring it back for a second year. #Optoutside is quickly becoming a new holiday tradition and customers can expect more brands to hop on board while others continue to expand their holiday hours. Which side are you on: will you be lining up for the sales or hitting the trails?


A new tradition is starting here at Winsper. The gents of the office are ditching the beards and clean-shaven mugs for the high symbol of manliness, the mustache! That’s right, we’re growing out our ‘mos… for a cause—to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. The funds we raise throughout November will go to prostate and testicular cancer research, and will also be used to help educate men and boys on mental health issues. Our Mo Sistas are also joining in by committing to fitness challenges. So what do you say, will you sponsor our team and help stop men dying too young?


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