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Spring is finally here! The weather has broken and we are starting to see seasonally appropriate temperatures, right on time for college graduates to toss their caps in the air. As the thermometer climbs, we are also nearing the end of the presidential primary and the parties are revving up for the big battle ahead. With things heating up in May, we thought it appropriate for this edition of Winsperations to be all about argument.



The first argument we’ll look at comes from a Boston University professor, Edward Boches, who is releasing the Class of 2016 into the wild armed with some serious skills. But his students don’t look like the traditional ad school graduates, “this next generation of advertising creatives have both the desire and the skills to play in multiple sandboxes—with no interest in being confined to just one.”

With this new breed, art directors are equal parts designer, web developer, and video editor. And copywriters are just as good at layout as they are journalism. Boches argues that agencies need to rewrite traditional job descriptions to really harness the creative potential of young, diverse talent. We couldn’t agree more with Boches. Here at Winsper, we are small, nimble team and we all wear multiple hats; we have an account manager who has written some stellar headlines and an art director who spits out code on the daily.




In the world of politics, it seems every conversation is an argument. And as the presidential conversation switches from the primary to the main stage, we are starting to see some very clever attacks. In the latest ad from Hillary Clinton, she shines a spotlight on the turmoil bubbling within the Republican Party. The spot opens with Donald Trump declaring the he is a "unifier." Then, instead of taking the opportunity to discuss Senator Clinton’s accomplishments, the ad cuts to members of the Republican Party bashing Trump: "A narcissist at a level I don't think this country's ever seen," says Ted Cruz. In one minute, she effectively paints the presumptive Republican nominee as incompetent without ever saying a word. That is a brilliant argument.





Argument carries with it a negative connotation and some believe that it is unhealthy and aggressive. It’s easy to see this especially with how the Presidential Primary has been playing out. However, argument is about listening, keeping a positive attitude, and finding solutions. The act of arguing can bring people closer together and make for closer relationships. Here are 4 ways to be a better arguer. Try them out at the dinner table or next time an office discussion gets a little too heated.


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