Halloween Special: the Spookiest Stories, Bite Size Horror, and Adventures in Salem

Halloween Special: the Spookiest Stories, Bite Size Horror, and Adventures in Salem

It’s October, and we’ve been in the Halloween spirit all month long…beginning with an article we found about an urban legend that several of us recall from our campfire and sleepover days. The climax of the tale is a message written in blood on a young woman’s mirror that reads “humans can lick too.” How creepy is that?! The article highlights this creepy story and examines how urban legends are spread and how they are adapted/enhanced/revised in each retelling - an opportunity for the narrator or storyteller to put their own spin on the already terrifying tale. Since it’s Halloween and since we love being scared, we’ve decided to use this platform to share some of our favorites.

In this month’s edition of Winsperations, there’s one apple and two king-size candy bars for you. We’ll take a look at a brand that teamed up with a large network to develop some pretty creepy Halloween shorts; we’re going to share some of our favorite ghost stories; and if you didn’t make it into the Halloween Capital of the world, Salem, MA…you can live vicariously through our company outing last weekend by checking out a gallery of some of our travels in Salem.

What industry loves Halloween more than candy manufacturers? For one day a year, parents across the country grant a moratorium on healthy eating and everyone gorges themselves on chocolate and nougat and gelatin. This year, the Mars candy brand, venerable OG of Halloween delights, teamed up with producers at Fox to spotlight bite size horror films from the twisted minds of emerging horror directors. But what we love, is how these candy brands censored themselves and let these 2:00 spots be all about the creepy, save for a five-second donut. They get in the Halloween spirit and become storytellers of lore – not just merchants.

Halloween is great because of its rich history around storytelling. Whether you’re recalling your best costume from childhood or sharing the scariest story you ever heard at a sleepover, Halloween celebrates the oral tradition of sharing stories and scaring the pants off your co-workers, friends, and family. As huge fans of stories that go bump in the night, we look forward to the annual Jezebel scary story contest. Readers share their own true tales of supernatural encounters, run-ins with serial killers, and unexplainable weirdness (in the Kinga-managed comments section, which is a bit scary from a functionality standpoint). Two pieces of advice: keep hitting the “View all replies” button at the bottom as there are literally hundreds of stories by now and plan on canceling any plans you had for the next 72 hours. This is going to suck you in.

If you haven’t been to Salem in October, re-examine your bucket list now. Much to the chagrin of residents, the entire city shuts down for four weeks as tourists from around the world pour in to see all the haunted sights. Quick CliffsNotes for ya – Salem was founded by religious refugees in the early 17th century. In 1692, for any number of reasons, the townfolk accused and executed 20 people for alleged witchcraft. The town has done a remarkable job of turning this horrible period in their history into a booming tourism trade. The Winsper team set out last Friday, the last weekend before Halloween, to take in the sights, observe the amazing costumes, and drink a couple of locally brewed beers. For those who couldn’t make it up to the North Shore this year, we’ve created a gallery of our travels for your viewing pleasure.


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