August: Can brands go back to school?

August: Can brands go back to school?

If you’re from Boston, you know that the phrase "Allston Christmas" is the curb-side, Ikea free-for-all when students move of their college dorms/apartments and head back to their respective homes, leaving Boston feeling empty. But in August, the very last bit of the calm before the storm, when the full time Bostonians begin to have a harder time finding a parking spot, or a seat on the train, it starts to become chaotic. What also happens during this time is that we realize that the abrupt invasion of students in the city will also trigger a feeling of nostalgia and desire for learning for people who also aren’t in school. For this post, we’re talking all things learning, from personal learning to brand learning.


Here at Winsper, we’re constantly feeling the need to grow and learn, but we have experienced record high of desire to learn during the last few weeks. Eric, one of our Art Directors, has spent the earlier part of this week camped out at the Litmus Email Marketing convention, learning the in-and-outs of current email marketing trends. Check out some of his highlights from the convention.


For most industries, growth is necessary in order to keep up with current trends and practices. Many high pressure or hands-on professions such as medical, military or oil have been using virtual reality to train their employees on different techniques, procedures and high pressured tasks/situations. But how could virtual reality or augmented reality, something we’re beginning to see in our day-to-day lives, train employees in other industries? Imagine being able to practice for an important speech in front of a live audience, who isn't actually there. Or being able to be actively involved in a meeting that’s going on at your company’s Headquarters’ while working from your home. While virtual reality is a high cost, the unique benefits for each industry could allow for less error and more hands-on learning experiences across the board. As virtual reality becomes more accessible, more businesses will be curious about the different ways to expand their employee’s growth.


As a way to continue our growth here at Winsper, we’re starting a Boston Marketers' Book Club. Here, we’ll network with other marketers in the Boston area while sharing non-fiction and fictional books that relate to business, marketing and advertising that will increase our learnings of the industry. Sound like something you or your company could benefit from? Take the leap with us #backtoschool and join us for our book club. Email for more details!

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