Another 5 Quick Tips that you Will Not Use

Another 5 Quick Tips that you Will Not Use

Scrolling through pages of Google search, trying to find my inspiration, I get completely lost. The plethora of information about “things you need to know in 2017” and lists of “best practices” quickly get repetitive and dull. So, I will not exhaust this topic anymore, instead, here is my vision of marketing, through the eyes of a Marketing Specialist.

Since the start of my career several years ago to where I am now, a lot has changed, both for my experience and within the media. I used to rely heavily on internet sources for my marketing information. Now, looking through articles, it is clear that not only is there too much information to filter through, but the vast amount make it difficult to find useful sources for my day-to-day work. Often I do find nuggets of useful information from the internet, but I have found through my experience that the most useful source of information lies within your company. Throughout this post, I will provide you five basic gateway steps for your company to reach it’s ultimate goal.


Most importantly, one must understand what benefits their company overall. To do this, you first need to know what the ultimate goal of your company is. Although this may seem tricky and open-ended, it is to be profitable. Now that you know your business goal, our next step is to recognize where is your marketing efforts stand in your buyer's journey.


To understand this, you need to review your company’s marketing history. Look what campaigns were most successful and look at patterns within these top performing campaigns to know what made them perform better. If you have difficulty identifying campaign performance, try looking at your data from various angles taking your time, as this is one of the crucial steps to improving your company’s profitability.


Once you have identified your company’s strength and weaknesses, think about how you can use this information moving forward. How far ahead should you plan? It all depends on your experience. Some companies need to regroup within three months; while some need a little longer to see the results. In this stage don’t be afraid to be bold in your suggestions and hypothesis.


I am a huge fan of A/B testing. A/B test it’s an act of simultaneous experiment between two or more assets to see which one performs better. I believe this is the most accurate way to articulate what messaging and approach works for your audience. Begin with a small, simple A/B test before making them too varied. I like to think about this process from the bottom up, where this should be an ongoing process to determine what messaging ultimately works best for your audience.

Strategies, Part 2.

When you begin to see positive results, your work still isn’t finished. The marketing industry is constantly evolving and requires adaptation. So don’t stop if you see good results and don’t be upset if you don’t. Remember, it is good to take a pause and think what would be your next steps and what you can do better. Again, make sure you have a solid strategy.

Marketing can show up in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes it may feel that the industry is forcing us to buy expensive tools to be on trend to be successful, but not all business need them. For some, a simple tool like Outlook will work better than a fancy marketing automation tool. For other business, that may be considered an archaic, but each company operates differently and will find what works for them through experimentation.

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