Do Millenials Care About Independent Businesses?

July is one of our favorite months in New England. Wet beach towels and bathing suits are hung out to dry in back yards. The scent of salt water and charcoal grills permeates the neighborhood and everyone downshifts their lives to enjoy our few months of sun. But we also love July because it has appropriately been dubbed indie retailer month. As you’ve probably picked up by now, we’re really big on supporting local businesses at Winsper. So this month, it won’t surprise you to learn that the Winsperations newsletter theme is independence. 

Netflix & Binge – A Data-Driven Exposé of Our Guilty Pleasures

At Winsper, we’re kicking off summer with some really great projects that are engaging our entire team. From Art Directors to Data Analysts, our menagerie of marketing professionals are working towards a common goal of uncovering “aha!” insights, building data-driven strategies, and of course creating gorgeous, memorable, and intriguing marketing materials. And everyone’s happy! Clients and Winsperions, alike. So this issue of Winsperations is about the convergence of disciplines, cultures, cuisines, and personalities and how we as a society are more informed, fulfilled, and worldly for embracing this fusion.

Carpet One Takes On Big-Box Stores

carpet one 600 ubpcnhmSummer is a time for home renovation, but some projects, perhaps, may not be suited for the do-it-yourself crowd. 

Citing statistics that show a third of all home flooring projects go uncompleted, Carpet One is taking aim at big-box retailers, who may have cheaper prices on flooring materials, but do not have the expertise of Carpet One in a new advertising campaign. 

In Defense Of Misfits

Spring is finally here! The weather has broken and we are starting to see seasonally appropriate temperatures, right on time for college graduates to toss their caps in the air. As the thermometer climbs, we are also nearing the end of the presidential primary and the parties are revving up for the big battle ahead. With things heating up in May, we thought it appropriate for this edition of Winsperations to be all about argument.

Winsperations April: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Brand Jokes

It’s been a few weeks since the start of spring and we’ve seen abnormally cold temperatures and snow—lots of it. It may be due to the pain of having our hopes of spring ripped from us (or the fact that we’re in the Advertising industry) that has made us skeptical and dubious of jokes—well, most of us anyway. The topic of this month’s Winsperations is the Brand-Prankster. Whether you’re a small brand, a premium brand, or a marketing person, make sure you “check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”


Winpserations March: The Spirit of Competition and $10 Spotify Gift Cards

Maybe we’ve been watching too many March Madness games or perhaps it’s the killer advertising we’re reading about that’s got us trying to take our game to the next level. Or maybe it’s the 6 inches of snow we got a few days ago and we’re just getting stir crazy for summer. Whatever it might be, we’re feeling very competitive as March draws to a close. The topic of this month’s Winsperations is the competitive spirit. Whether you’re a sports fan, a music aficionado, or a premium brand, competition in healthy doses is a necessity.


CFOCEO Interview

We are like an anti-ad agency… a mix between a management-consulting firm that thinks on the business strategy level, yet has the ability to execute data-driven, integrated marketing campaigns.

Lilly Pulitzer and Target – Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

Prepsters lament! On the heels of Isaac Mizrahi, Mulberry, and Missoni, Lilly Pulitzer and Target have recently announced a limited-edition collection to be released in Spring 2015. This announcement has created a massive divide in Lilly fans throughout North America – many are excited to snag Lilly’s fun, tropical prints at a significant discount, while…

Is the Apple Watch Essential?

When the first iPad launched, I remember thinking “this is just a giant iPhone – why would I ever want that? The iPad is definitely going to flop.” Five years since the first-generation iPad was released, I still don’t have one. But many millions of people do. With more than 200 million iPads sold, the…