March is the month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring. For some of us in the East, it still doesn’t seem like Spring, but marketing feels hot any time of year.


March is the month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring. For some of us in the East, it still doesn’t seem like Spring, but marketing feels hot any time of year.

Another 5 Quick Tips that you Will Not Use

Scrolling through pages of Google search, trying to find my inspiration, I get completely lost. The plethora of information about “things you need to know in 2017” and lists of “best practices” quickly get repetitive and dull. So, I will not exhaust this topic anymore, instead, here is my vision of marketing, through the eyes of a Marketing Specialist.

Ahh, February. The time when resolutions drop, and comfort food is there to fill the void. We found some statistics on why resolutions are so tough to stick to, so you don’t have to.

Last month, we all experienced our family, friends, coworkers and in some cases, even ourselves, committing to self-improvement for the new year. As many of you may guess, the top resolution for Americans in 2017 surrounds health and fitness. The following top three resolutions are involving self-improvement. Whether it be through better financial decisions or quitting smoking for good, it seems that most Americas want to improve themselves. But what about improving themselves through their relationships with others? On this top 10 list of 2017 New Year’s resolutions, only two of them were about improving their relationships with others or doing good deeds for others. Ok, two and a half if you include “finding the love of my life,” as it does technically benefit someone else, too.

Will the New Year’s Resolution Survive Month #2?

Last month, we posted a blog highlighting the New Year’s resolutions of people in the office, Winsper Commits to Employee Health. For our February blog post, I circled back with the office to see how everyone's new lifestyle was going in month #2.

I issued out a short survey to the office go-getters, asking them to summarize their 2017 goal and the ups and downs of their first month’s experience. In the study, I found that the top three goals for 2017 in the office are a commitment to a healthier lifestyle (i.e. eating healthier, quitting smoking, cutting back on drinking), becoming more fit, and increasing or picking up a hobby (i.e. reading more, following sports more closely).

Winsper commits to employee health

There are a lot of perks to working for a small agency: fewer lines in the sand allow you to explore different roles; you’ll likely own a project from start to finish; and most importantly, you develop a close working relationship with people outside of your department, making the office feel like a family. It is this last aspect that really helps define the culture here at Winsper. We care just as much about our work as we do each other.

Winsper Slipper Blog

Going into work during the winter in Boston means more layers, the boots go on and the salt, sand and slush tag along for a “bring your puddles to work” day. At Winsper, we are fans of working shoeless, but the winter slop that gets brought into the office puts a halt to our daily ritual. Being the creative problem solvers that we are, we made an investment in our cozy office culture: slippers for all!

Smashing the Plateau

Gillian gets personal about her life, dog and business style while interviewing with David Shriner-Cahn on “Smashing the Plateau.” In the podcast, she dives into what she believes is the single biggest mistake executives can make when they’re feeling stuck, while also discussing how to find innovation and avoid complacency while building a Millennial workforce.


Here come the holidays. ‘Tis the season for giving and we’re dedicating this month to men’s health and helping to raise awareness through the Movember foundation. The holidays are also that magical time of the year when emotions run high and feelings are complex. There’s love, joy, nostalgia, anxiety, hope(lessness), and just plain exhaustion. Consumers and brands have their own rituals, both old and new. This month we examine a few and ask, “what’s this?”

HYTORC Appoints Boston-Based Marketing Firm, Winsper

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2016) - Winsper, a Boston-based marketing services provider, is pleased to announce they've been retained by HYTORC. Winsper will be providing brand and product marketing strategy, analytics, and Omni-channel execution for the Mahwah, NJ-based manufacturer of industrial bolting solutions. Specifically, Winsper is helping HYTORC to launch a new product to market through a new industrial supplier sales channel.

October: Make Us Want What You’re Selling

Boston, the home of Winsper and also of over 250,000 of millennials and younger generations. These generations are the ones largely responsible for the health conscious shift we’re seeing in the way millennials eat, spend their money and purchase. This is in large part the reason why Boston has consecutively become one of the healthiest cities in America. This is not the first time we’re seeing a younger generation changing the way these large corporations run their brands, as health concerns of tobacco grew, the tobacco companies saw large cuts in their sales. Is junk food the new tobacco industry?

September: Continuing Education As An Employee Benefit

Ahh, Fall. The leaves will soon begin to change, Starbucks already has their Pumpkin Spice lattes back on the menu, and students of all ages all over the country are back in the classrooms. But for those of us who haven’t matriculated this semester, there’s still ample opportunity to learn new techniques and skills as we look to the last quarter of the year and the promise of 2017.

This edition of Winsperations is to provide all you marketers out there with some great advice on how and where to keep learning, long after that trusty LL Bean backpack has been retired.

August: Can brands go back to school?

If you’re from Boston, you know that the phrase "Allston Christmas" is the curb-side, Ikea free-for-all when students move of their college dorms/apartments and head back to their respective homes, leaving Boston feeling empty. But in August, the very last bit of the calm before the storm, when the full time Bostonians begin to have a harder time finding a parking spot, or a seat on the train, it starts to become chaotic. What also happens during this time is that we realize that the abrupt invasion of students in the city will also trigger a feeling of nostalgia and desire for learning for people who also aren’t in school. For this post, we’re talking all things learning, from personal learning to brand learning.

Power to the people: Publicizing the rebranding process.

What do Subway, Uber and The Met all have in common? Here’s a hint: it’s not the $25 suggested price of admission. All three have revealed new brand identities that have been subject to the internet’s fieriest design critics (AKA anyone with a Twitter account). Change is always a hard pill to swallow, but even more so for consumers when a company decides to overhaul its branding overnight. This sudden change is instantly met with “What was wrong with the old one?” “They spent money on that?”, “Why did they choose that symbol; it has nothing to do with their service.” And that’s not even the worst.

Stop Getting Burn'd- Let's Make Marketing Great Again!

The notion of agencies standing strong for what they believe in is both right and just. We believe that agencies today exist as innovators - passionate about making a difference for our clients that matter most. I could banter on about how there are plenty of good people in this world that want to do good things, but for some reason, in the client-to-agency world, this accepted wisdom starts to fall flat, resulting in what we are now seeing as a revolving door of agency turnover at an unprecedented pace.